In Elmari guest house you can enjoy the sensations of a real smoke sauna. What could be better on a rough summer or winter evening? There’s also joy in sitting in the hot tub next to the sauna in warm water looking at the stars! On the land there’s also a pond with a raft. Next to the seminar building is an area to cook, grill and warm food. About a kilometer away there’s the Jõksi lake. There’s winter activities 18 km from here in Otepää’s ski center. You can ride horses in Mammaste (20km) and a sleigh during winter. In põdra village (10km) it’s possible to catch and cook trout.

Elmar guesthouse pond

Near the guesthouse is a 3400 m2 pond, with the average depth of 2 m. There’s a bridge over the pond from which it’s convenient to jump in, or feed/catch the fish (tench, carp). There’s also a raft used for driving or sunbathing. If you bring it to the shore near the guest house, you could use that to jump in the water after sauna. One side of the pond has a sandshore. The pond also works for cooling off after the smoke sauna.

Smoke sauna and hot tub

Guests can use the hundred year old renovated smoke sauna and the hot tub next to it. After the sauna there’s the choice of sitting in the tub or going in the pond to cool down.

Smoke oven and barbecue oven

In the smoke oven it’s possible to smoke store bought fish, chicken etc.

The shade area

There’s a shade area with a large table and benches near the smoke sauna and smoke ovens. Two of the walls are made from firewood. It can house about 20 people from the rain or just to hang out.

What else?

The location has a 450 m2 (18 x 25m) sized parking lot. There’s room in the forest for camping and the grass for caravans. Campers and others have access to the outdoor toilet. The entire location is covered by wifi. One km away there’s the Jõksi lake with a decent swimming spot, you can also swim in the Võhandu river that’s 100m away. The parish center is about a km away, there’re shops and a stadium (basket-, foot- and volleyball).

Where to go from here?

There are well kept roads that lead to Otepää (18 km), Põlva (20 km),Võru (20 km) ja Tartu (45 km). Pokuland is 10 km away, the road museum 15 km, Sõmerpalu motocross 15 km, Tammiku pub 1,5 km and Karilatsi fishfarm, where you can catch and grill trout, 15 km. During winter the Mammaste (20 km) ja Otepää (20 km) ski circuits are open and you can enjoy downhill sports at Kuutsemäe (30 km) or Väike-Munamäe (20 km). Near kanepi there are many good mushroom and berry forests.


The neighbouring madam can also cook for up to 10 people, everything needed for cooking is here – naturally feel free to cook for yourselves.

Dining experience
phone : (+372) 5306 7505

Temp ja Taar
phone: Killu (+372) 509 0686
phone: Martti (+372) 506 6711

Jaagomäe catering 
phone: Taimar (+372) 506 3338

What to do? Where to go?

In addition to a relaxing vacation, we recommend using downtime at one of our partners.

1. Pokuland
phone : (+372) 5342 5054

2. Road Museum
phone : (+372) 799 3057

3. Canoeing
phone : (+372) 5667 8113

4. Team games
phone : (+372) 56 632 979

5. For outdoor events — Tent, children playgrounds and many more.


Smoke sauna – 200 € .

Hot tub – 170€.

Use of shelter area (up to 20 people) – 20 € hour.

Camping – 10€ a day.

Caravan – 10€ a day.

Sauna (electricity, infrared) – 15€ hour.

Bagful of firewood – 5€

Using the gas grill – 15€ hour.

BBQ oven – 15€ hour.

Smoking fish – price upon agreement.

Outdoor kitchen (wood stove-cast iron oven) – price upon agreement.

Using the SUV (1952.a GAZ-69) – price upon agreement.

Using dishes – price upon agreement.

Using the campfire and raft – free of course!

Riding the water bike for 4 people – 10€ hour.

Using the rowboat – 10€ hour.

Using the electric motor boar – 16€ hour.

Catering – pre-booking, price upon agreement.

Prices increase by 20% VAT