The guest house was renovated from a barn built in 1869, preserving the previous look. The building was bought in pieces and reassembled. The spacing for the beams was sealed using an old method, with moss. The floor area of the building is roughly 70 m2. Only old wood is used in interior decoration and the rooms are heated by electric heating in the floor.

The first floor is divided into three parts. One third contains the sauna, washing room and the toilet. There is an electric heater in the steam room, but it can also be used as an infrared sauna. The bench has room for 2-3 people at a time. There’s a washing machine and a sink in the washroom. The toilet is separated from the washroom by a sliding glass door.

The next third has everything needed for cooking: fridge, kettle, toaster, electric oven and a cupboard with bed linen, towels and kitchenware.

The last third is the break room which has a fireplace oven, wood stove, leather sofa, audio-video equipment, 42 ” LCD TV, a desk with a snooker table, an old woodworking machine and a ceiling fan. One of the walls in this room has several windows and another a glass door which gives a great view to the pond on the property, great for cooling off after a sauna.

The middle third is open up to the roof. From the corner of the room there’s a gangplank to the second floor with 2 bedrooms in the ends. One of them contains 4 and the other a single 160 cm +2 200cm mattresses. These rooms which have skylights are connected by a chain hanging bridge. Thus far experience shows that the house fits 15-20 people. Most would sleep in the same room, but if the company is familiar then it’s not an issue! Those who have rented the house have been throughly satisfied – the interior design is archaic and the sleep wonderful, the house is 150 years of after all.


The guest house has 13 beds in total.

To book the entire house (up to 13 people) electric infrared sauna included 350 €

Prices increase by 20% VAT